Laxmi Narain Charitable Society is a Non – Profit Charitable Society mainly devoted to education. This society was registered to promote education in the year 2005 Vide Registration No. 319/2005 on dated 19th May 2005.

Society is determined for providing excellent services in various segments related to child, youth, woman and society for better life and growth of the nation. One of the major aim or field is education and training. Society has its own vision and has developed some principles which are the soul of the system. Unique fragrance spread in the name of success is due to the belief in the system, support, sincerity, commitment, dedication, hard work and loyalty of the team members. Society is thankful and appreciates team members for this. The society boards will always implement a planned program, which will be subjected to midterm and periodically review and modification as per current needs. The institutions under it will grow with the objectives of ensuring quality in education.

The main objectives of the promoting body comprises of the following:

  • To spread Technical, Management and Vocational education in the masses especially belonging to rural areas through academic institutions, training, industrial centre and so on.
  • To promote spirit of nationalism among the youth of India.
  • To develop relevant literature for the growth of science and technology in our country.
  • To undertake, organize and facilitate study courses, conferences, lectures, seminars and the like to promote the aforesaid objects.
  • To undertake and provide for publication of journals and other papers and to establish and maintain library and reading room in furtherance of aforesaid objects.