Our Mission & Objectives

Laxmi Narain Charitable Society has the pious objective to serve the society in multiple ways. We believe that lack of education and skill formation is one of the great hindrances in the development of the society.

Though the country is in the first five countries of the world in terms of purchasing power parity, we are at astonishingly low level in terms of Human Development Index. This anomaly is to be removed for ever.

It is the part of the nation building to impart quality education at all levels. In the global village scenario the bench mark is quite high, always upward moving and is to be put in the juxtaposition with other institutes of higher learning. Since inception, the institute has holistic approach for development.

The specific objectives are:-

  • Educational Progress through Engineering education, publicity for computer awareness, research in engineering education .
  • To impart technical and managerial education and training with a focus on job oriented education of different faculties
  • To organize workshops, establish training & research centers for the enhancement of educational skills.


  • To get books/material published and distribute in the public interest
  • To organize workshop, seminar, conference, adult literacy program and establishment and running of professional training centers.
    Social Service
  • To encourage such social activities which increases clean & green environment
  • To provide welfare scheme for needy people
  • To provide scholarships, books and training to the needy people
  • To establish training & research centre, community hall and hostels.
  • To provide educational, professional, health services to urban and rural women.
  • To contribute in the social welfare schemes of state and central government
  • To promote educational facilities for physically and mentally handicapped persons
  • To establish health facilities in case of natural calamities, epidemics or other unforeseen circumstances

Mission of the Society

  • To regularly work towards the fulfillment of the objectives & vision of the society with priority issues
  • To ensure to achieve results as needed, periodically review and modification as per current needs
  • To develop innovative interactive program to facilitate the relevant education & development, the flow of knowledge, ideas and information beyond the traditional bounds of training, conducting applied research & introduce professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs through cutting edge and preparing instructional resources with global perspectives and values and becoming one of the best organization in the field of higher education in Uttar Pradesh State

Our Chronicle

  • The Promoters established Intermediate College in the year 1978 at Bighapur under the name and style Parvati Balika Intermediate College, Bighapur, Unnao. This was the first and only Girls College in the Region of Pargana-Bighapur- Distt Unnao. At present with the strength of 1800 girls, The Society’s main aim is to up lift Girls Education in the rural areas. It is the only college available in vicinity of Bighapur Region.